Password Generator is a free online tool for generate passwords and keys passwords safe and random. It is a generator of passwords difficult to crack, so you can use in forums, blogs and email accounts. Generate a strong password to create your account on the internet

What is a strong password ? A secure key or password secure is that difficult to guess or decipher key, with at least 8 characters, with uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers (you can also include special characters if the site allows).

Select the characters you want included to generate the random password (numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, special symbols), the length and click Generate Password

Characters to use in your secure password

Password length -+  characters

Generate Strong PasswordNow just click on "Create Password" and have your password ready to use.

Security Level:

To generate a completely random and secure password, it is advisable to use a key generator . Unconsciously would use characters and numbers associated with a birth date, a name, repetitions, easy to discover by stealing programs or hacked accounts.

Password Generator it is a tool for generate secure passwords easily. the keys generated are random and unknown at any time keep any information about you or about your password, we recommend that you keep in a safe place not to forget.

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